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Winning Holdem.Net - the limit holdem strategy guide
Welcome to Winning Holdem.Net
    This website is about playing winning texas holdem. It is also about limit texas holdem. You can use your winning holdem skills at the online poker rooms to grind away, collecting chips from your tablemates and bonus monies from the online poker rooms on a regular basis. This makes learning how to play winning limit holdem a very profitable endeavor.

    I suggest that you read the different sections of the site in order, from top to bottom. Skip the rules if you've played limit before, do take notice of the FAQ should you have any questions. Skip the hand rankings if you've spent any appreciable time at the poker tables. But from there on down familiarize yourself with the different concepts and techniques used in preflop and postflop play.

    None of the concepts, or techniques is the golden ring. No single idea will turn your game into a monstor. Instead, each adds a little. Once you've read and are able to identify and use all the tactics, you will have made your game solid enough to compete with other poker players from around the globe. One of my readers took the advice from these pages and turned it into a success story.

    While few land-based casinos are going to invite you to play for fun at their tables, there are online card rooms that have fun tables. Well, every online card room has fun tables, but i do not recommend playing for long at the free tables. Play there does not mimic the style of poker you will meet in real life. If nothing is risked, no one has any good reason to fold a hand when they should. You will encounter little in the line of realistic play, and playing at these tables will not help you build skills that carry over onto the real money tables of a casino or poker room.

    Several online poker rooms offer no deposit bonuses. These bonuses are real money placed into an account that you could use at their real money tables. This is a better option than playing the free tables.

Crazy Poker offers a $10 No Deposit Bonus. The room has microlimit games, so $10 should bankroll you well enough to spend some time at the tables.

    While I have touched on several concepts and given basic explanations of them that you can use, you may also wish to consider learning more about these concepts by reading Small Stakes Holdem by David Sklansky and/or Winning Low Limit Holdem by Lee Jones. The Jones book is a better choice if you're just starting, while the Sklansky book holds in depth analysis of advanced concepts. Either one is sure to push your game up a notch.

    Also included on the site are some candid reviews of several popular online poker rooms. I've written the reviews, but I'm sure things will change over time (like the player traffic or software features). Short of having a bad experience with a room and dropping it from my play list, I won't be trying to keep the reviews "up to the minute" current, as a good room is a good room and a bad room is unmentioned, whether you can play 3 tables at a time or 4.

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